22x9x16 Smooth Monarch Rubber Press-On (Crown)

22x9x16 Forklift Tires 22x9x16 Smooth  Monarch Rubber Press-On (Crown)
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Monarch Smooth (Crown)
92.39 Lbs
Product Type
Tread Style
Black Rubber
Target Usage

Monarch Press-On tires are designed to provide maximum comfort, wear and energy efficiency as they protect your investment. Our innovative process permanently bonds the rubber to the rim for longer lasting performance.

Monarch Press-On tires are available two profiles:

Mono-Cushion® is the heart of the M2 Press-On line. The crown profile provides a softer ride and easier steering without sacrificing stability or strength.

  • Smooth riding
  • Great traction
  • Easier steering

Flat Profile provides a greater contact area with the work surface, offering better load distribution and increased stability. The larger footprint area creates better traction in most applications for starting and stopping.

  • 13% greater footprint than standard size
  • Cooler running for longer wear
  • Increased operator comfort

Additional Compounds Available:

  • Dual Service – A premium compound that has been proven to perform well on both internal combustion and electric trucks.
  • Long Distance Non-Marking – A high performance non-marking compound for use in applications where floor care is essential.
  • Lion – Designed for heaver load situations with a 25% greater carrying capacity, this tire offers increased stability as it improves steer tire performance.
  • Special Compounds – Our compounding expertise allows us to offer a wide range of compounds. Please contact us for more details.
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SKU Brand/Model Size
MT21455615 Trelleborg Monarch Smooth (Crown) 12x4x8
MT04455601 Trelleborg Monarch Smooth (Crown) 14x4-1/2x8
MT36155601 Trelleborg Monarch Smooth (Crown) 15x4x11-1/4
MT09755601 Trelleborg Monarch Smooth (Crown) 18x6x12-1/8
MT16755601 Trelleborg Monarch Smooth (Crown) 22x12x16
MT19555601 Trelleborg Monarch Smooth (Crown) 22x9x16
MT01255601 Trelleborg Monarch Smooth (Crown) 9x5x5
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  • Tire Life

    Rating Level: 50% 8
  • Wet Traction

    Rating Level: 75% 9
  • Ride Quality

    Rating Level: 75% 9
  • Impact Resistance

    Rating Level: 25% 9

The following documents are available for the Monarch Smooth (Crown) model:

PDF document - use Acrobat Reader to view this file Trelleborg_MONOGRIP_POS_EN.pdf

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