16-1/4x6x11-1/4 Traction Non Marking Trelleborg PS1000 Electrically Conducting ProTEX Press-On Tire

16-1/4x6x11-1/4 Forklift Tires 16-1/4x6x11-1/4 Traction Non Marking Trelleborg PS1000 Electrically Conducting ProTEX Press-On Tire
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PS1000 Traction Non-Mark
40.0 Lbs
Product Type
Tread Style
Non-Mark Rubber
Target Usage
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Increase your efficiency, boost your results. More than a tire: superior value for your operations.

Trelleborg tires are engineered to ensure safety, stability and productivity while operating in various applications. In this challenging environment, we raise the bar with PS1000. The perfect combination between our innovative Pit Stop Line with specialized compounds and a new design, to deliver superior quality that will guarantee uptime, efficiency and safety for operators.

Our new premium two stage compound and tire design delivers outstanding performance in terms of tire life. The new PS1000 lasts up to 30% longer than competitors tires available in the market, leading to a very low cost per hour.

In addition, with the introduction of the new cushion compound, the PS1000 assures superior stability and handling of the vehicle along with excellent comfort for the operator.

The innovative cushion layer ensures that heat build up within the tire is controlled, preventing failures and increasing uptime.

No downtime with PS1000, no risk of slippage in wet condition, only superior performance


Premium two-stage compound with excellent wear and rolling resistance.

Non marking
Premium white compound designed to keep floors clean from tire marks. Excellent wear and rolling resistance. Exceptional heat dissipation.

Specialized compound for heavy duty applications. Provides higher load carrying capacity. Uptime at its best.

Unique non marking compound that features electrically conducting properties.

Electrically conducting
Specialized black compound to enhance safety in flammable and explosive environments. This compound discharges electricity and avoids spark generation.


  • Superior traction in wet conditions: very deep lug with radial sipes insertion
  • Excellent stability and comfort: unique concave sidewall shape
  • Maximum service life: extra deep wearable tread
  • Outstanding wear resistance: extra wide contact area
  • Very low heat build-up: innovative cushion compound
  • Best in class in fuel consumption: thermally efficient two stage construction compound.


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SKU Brand/Model Size
SX07151608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 16-1/4x5x11-1/4
SX07652608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 16-1/4x6x11-1/4
SX07651608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 16-1/4x6x11-1/4
SX07451608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 16-1/4x7x11-1/4
SX06052608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 16x5x10-1/2
SX06352608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 16x6x10-1/2
SX09752608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 18x6x12-1/8
SX10252608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 18x7x12-1/8
SX11952608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 21x7x15
SX12152608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 21x8x15
SX16752608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 22x12x16
SX19552608 Trelleborg PS1000 Traction Non-Mark 22x9x16
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