10.00R20 (290/95R15) Radial Trelleborg TR-900 Tire & Flap TT

10.00R20 (290x95R15) Forklift Tires 10.00R20 (290/95R15) Radial Trelleborg TR-900 Tire & Flap TT
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Item Details

460.27 Lbs
Product Type
Industrial Pneumatic
Tread Style
Black Rubber
Target Usage


  • The Trelleborg TR-900 is ideal for applications with long runs
  • The radial construction allows for higher speed and a reduced heat build-up which helps to extend the life of the tire.


Block tread design
Large footprint lowers stress and maximizes tire life

Radial technology
For high speed, long distance applications

Sidewall protection
Reinforced sidewall to avoid impact damage

Energy efficiency
Low rolling resistance for improved energy efficiency

Wear resistant technology
Maximum lifetime, reduced downtime, increasing value

Shock absorbance
Tire absorbs shock from obstacles

Rims security
Rim protection from accidental damage and anti slip bead wires

Enhanced stability
Faster load positioning and cornering

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SKU Brand/Model Size
P808005106 Trelleborg TR-900 10.00R20 (290x95R15)
P814005106 Trelleborg TR-900 12.00R20
P822005106 Trelleborg TR-900 12.00R24
P818005106 Trelleborg TR-900 14.00R24
P884005106 Trelleborg TR-900 250R15 (270x70R15)
P872005106 Trelleborg TR-900 28x9R15 (8.15R15)
P887005106 Trelleborg TR-900 300R15
P719005106DC Trelleborg TR-900 5.00R8
P727005106 Trelleborg TR-900 6.00R9
P733005106 Trelleborg TR-900 6.50R10
P744005106 Trelleborg TR-900 7.00R12
P752005106 Trelleborg TR-900 7.00R15
P769005106 Trelleborg TR-900 8.25R15
Total items: 13
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  • Tire Life

    Rating Level: 50% 9
  • Wet Traction

    Rating Level: 75% 9
  • Ride Quality

    Rating Level: 75% 9
  • Impact Resistance

    Rating Level: 25% 9

The following documents are available for the TR-900 model:

PDF document - use Acrobat Reader to view this file Trelleborg-TR-900-A4-EN-Oct19-LR.pdf

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