8.25R15 Continental HT1 Industrial Radial Tire & Flap (tube extra)

8.25R15 Forklift Tires 8.25R15 Continental HT1 Industrial Radial Tire & Flap (tube extra)
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Item Details

98.17 Lbs
Product Type
Industrial Pneumatic
Tread Style
Black Rubber
Target Usage
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Tougher for Longer Service

  • Solid shoulder
  • Half-track profile
  • High tread depth
  • Puncture resistant steel belts beneath an extra deep tread
  • Up to 60% less rolling resistance
  • Tread & sidewalls that operate independently
  • Greater sidewall flex
  • Tubeless Sealing Ring (TSR) with integrated valve
  • Industrial Radial Construction

Customer benefits

  • High resistance to tread cuts and impacts
  • Elimination of tire rotation for twin fitments
  • Long service life
  • Up to 90% fewer flats
  • Cooler running and up to 10% lower fuel consumption
  • Better directional stability, less scrubbing and squirming of tread which causes rapid wear
  • Smoother ride
  • TSR enables for the mounting of tubeless tires onto standard rims without tubes or flaps
  • Wears at least 3 times longer than most bias ply tires

best for dual forklift drive tires HT1

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SKU Brand/Model Size
0730002 Continental HT1 12.00R20
0730006 Continental HT1 8.25R15
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  • Tire Life

    Rating Level: 50% 10
  • Wet Traction

    Rating Level: 75% 8
  • Ride Quality

    Rating Level: 75% 10
  • Impact Resistance

    Rating Level: 25% 10

The following documents are available for the HT1 model:

PDF document - use Acrobat Reader to view this file pneumatictires-brochure-en-data.pdf

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