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Find a wide assortment of forklift, construction, telehandler, polyurethane and port tires in all types and sizes. Cascadia Industrial Tire Ltd. specialists have extensive experience in all areas related to industrial tires, and rubber tracks replacements for our USA and Canadian customers. We maintain excellent relationships with tire manufacturers around the world, many with an extensive line-up of premium products for most uses. We also provide budget brands with a more limited offering and specialist manufacturers with industry specific products.

Cascadia Industrial Tire -Industrial Tire Experts

Cascadia Industrial Tire's sole focus is to utilize our extensive industrial tire knowledge and expertise to meet your industrial tire needs. As an independent business, our priority is to offer a huge selection of premium and economy tire options for every budget and application.

Cascadia Industrial Tire offers FAST direct warehouse shipments of industrial tires from 15+ warehouses to your business throughout Canada and the USA.

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Forklift Tires

forklift tires

Stock handling equipment such as forklifts, stock pickers, narrow aisle forklifts, and other material handling equipment tires. Typical tires include solid forklift tires, pneumatic tires, non-mark tires, polyurethane press-on and load wheels for all makes and models.

Construction Tires & Tracks

skid steer tires, backhoe tires

Construction tires can be pneumatic, flat-proofed or solid depending on the application. Equipment normally found on job sites such as Skid Steer, Backhoe, All Terrain Forklifts or Telehandlers, and Rubber Tracked Equipment.

Telehandler Tires

all-terrain forklift tires, telehandler tires

All-terrain forklifts and telehandlers are more important than ever. We offer premium bias tires with reinforced sidewalls for longer life and abuse protection and well as flat-proof solid assemblies for most machines.

Port Tires

Straddle Carriers, Container Handlers, Cranes, Terminal Tractors & Transports, Container Forklifts

Travelling back and forth thousands of times to load and unload ships as quickly as possible, stacking fully loaded containers over abrasive surfaces requires a specialized port tire. Port Tires are different than forklift and other material handling tires primarily vehicle height, vehicle weight, and vehicle speed.

Polyurethane Load Wheels

polyurethane load wheels

Polyurethane load wheels are specifically designed to give today's tire applications the much-needed capacity. All of our polyurethane load wheels are made in the USA and OEM level or better in quality.

Polyurethane Casters

polyurethane caster stabilizing casters

Caster come in two primary styles: Caster Assemblies and Stabilizing Casters. Caster assemblies are polyurethane molded to a machine specific wheel. Stabilizer Casters provide greater stability in cornering, smoother ride and higher productivity.

Airport Support Tires

towbar pushback tractor tires towbarless pushback tractor tires Baggage and Cargo Handling Passenger Transport Runway

Flat tires are not only an inconvenience but critical with tighter flight schedules. To achieve a lower cost per hour you ultimately need to use a more durable option, that provides exceptionally long tire wear.

Agricultural Tires

tractor tires combine tires harvester tires

Every farmer and rancher requires a tough tires for all their herculean tasks. We offer premium tires for tractors, combines, harvesters and multi-purpose for everything in between.

We Know Industrial Tires & Tracks

We specialize in industrial tires and tracks only! Our staff have many years of hands-on experience; from installation to sourcing tires and tracks for specialize applications.

Let our expertise assist you with your special tire and track needs. No need for complex terminology and serial numbers; we can find the size you are looking for now.

Incredible Selection

We work with most of the biggest industrial tire manufacturers including Continental, Trelleborg, Rhino Rubber, Superior Tire and many more. We ship from warehouses across North America to keep shipping times and costs to a minimum.

Rhino Rubber
General Tire
Trojan Tracks
OTR Wheel Engineering
ChaoYang / Westlake
Wesco Industries Ltd

Minimize Downtime

Is your machine down? With 50,000+ tires in 15 warehouses throughout Canada and the United States, we can confirm, order and ship your tires usually within 24 hours of your inquiry.

We offer a huge selection of premium and economy tire options for every budget and application.

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